Upcycled Goods are the New Cool

Upcycled Goods are the New Cool

Posted by Dawn & Tamara on Feb 20th 2019

We’ve all heard the old saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, my (Dawn’s) basement garage is full of empty bourbon bottles. When I say full, I mean FULL. So much so that I fill the need to offer explanations to strangers who may be at the house working or like the guys who moved me back to Lawrenceburg 2 years ago. I have to assure them that I did not drink all that. My liver is just fine, thank you for asking. Truth is, I have an entire network of boozy friends and family that drop off their trash, aka my little treasures, at Sweet Mash or the house. I’m lucky in that their tastes are so varied. Along with the glass stock piles, we also have equipment and rigged up tables with saws and wheels to “upcycle” those bottles, otherwise meant for the dump, into the perfect little vessel for our hand poured (in my kitchen) bourbon bottle soy candles. The process isn’t easy but we have fun and I think my friends do too! They are always so proud when they present me with their garbage “look at all the bottles I have for you!”. Maybe I should ask about their livers?

Turns out, this trash to treasure exchange happens everywhere and upcycling is on the rise. Old Meriam-Webster defines upcycling as the act of reusing a product in such a way that the resulting product is of higher value than the original item. While recycling breaks down a used item, upcycling turns that product into something new. Aside from our homemade candles, Sweet Mash is full of interesting and cool upcycled goods fit for any gifting need or just when you want a little something unique for yourself. One of our favorite new products comes from some friends out of Washington, Buffalo Girls Salvage, that use spent bullet casings, from local law enforcement, to make the coolest jewelry, perfect for that rebel girlfriend on your shopping list. Another big hit are our locally made ink pens and keychains crafted from the old floor at Rupp Area, specifically the “Y” in the end zone. They even come with an official letter from Rupp Arena, certifying the wood and telling you all the exciting moments that happened on that floor. How cool is that for your #1 Wildcat fan?

And we can't get enough of the fur trend at Sweet Mash... neither can our customers because we're selling these handmade, quality pieces as soon as we put them on the floor. Who wouldn't want to sip a cold one wrapped in a genuine cowhide can koozie, or carry a one of a kind, Italian leather & fur fringe crossbody? Come see and touch our new arrivals now! You're sure to love the set of metallic, fur coasters and especially the hide purses embellished with Louis Vuitton luxury trademark leather. Yes, from an authentic LV bag!

Of course we can’t go without mentioning the vast amount of products we sell from repurposed oak bourbon barrels. Everything from furniture, art to jewelry has been transformed for tourists and locals alike to always have a piece of our historical, Kentucky spirits industry.